haeya, haeya


Haeya, Haeya

Written and directed by Ryu Ki Hyun
Music by Kim Dae Sung
Dance direction by Im Chang Suk
Running time -
 60 minutes
Characters -
 Kim hwang sik, Lee Kawng Baek and many others
(total 18 persons)

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Intruduce of Production

   Madangguk Haeya Haeya, overflowed by the patriotic ardor of 3.1 independence movement in 1919. Those who participate in this work become independence fighters.


  With Japanese martial music ringing around, Japanese troop march through audience seats, while a Japanese warrior on the long pole is leading the troop. They deprives Korea of all autonomy and rule Korea under militarism. All the people who have stood against the extortion and exploitation read the independence declaration and march solemnly with flags in their hands.

In the shower of shots from the Japanese troop, all the people shout 'independence' to the very last. Then performed are SinKalDaeSinMoo which comfort the departed soul and NotChum(sickle dance) in which we make pledge that we would never experience historical shame again. And at the moment, Japanese national flag disappears and Korean national flag shows up. We desire the world where we would live in peace and liveliness.