The Korean’s mythological
story told by Grandmother

Written and directed by Ryu Ki Hyun
Music by Kim Dae Sung
Dance direction by Im Chang Suk
Running time -
 50 minutes
Characters -
 Lee Kawng Baek, Kim See hyun and many others
(total 12 persons)

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Characteristics of the Work

"Samsin grandma", Goddess who takes charges of birth, talks 2 different stories to children. 8 members exchange their roles.
Dance, songs, and theatrical gestures make the characters and the natural objects in the myth look very active.

To visualize the mythical imagination which this work has, it sets the stage with various objects and properties. It communicates its narration not so much by actors' words as by actors' gestures, music, properties and stage art.

By using speedy transformation, it can build wide sympathieswith all the people of any age and any class.