Nol Boo,a man who
puts the earth on his back

Written and directed by Ryu Ki Hyun
Music by Kim Dae Sung
Dance direction by Im Chang Suk
Running time -
 70 minutes
Characters -
 Kim Hwang Sik, Kim see hyun and many others
(total 14 persons)

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Intruduce of Production

  Nolboo symbolizes modern people who have destroyed our circumstance.
In this work, modern people have a funeral of the earth because the earth died of environmental disruption made by people.

On the stage in this work are swallows, fishes, butterflies, bees and many other natural things which appear in Korean traditional stories, HyeungbooJeon and Soogooingga.

They are all very attractive in each character. This work seriously makes us realize the crisis made from pollutions and environmental disruption in modern society. But this work also has stinging irony and much fun.


  Nolboo goes hunting swallows in the strong desire that he would be rich like his younger brother Hyeungboo by healing their legs. Although he catches a swallows occasionally, everytime he does, he gets only the swallow which is bald because of acid rain and blind because of ultraviolet light. The Dragon King send a turtle onto earth to get a rabbit because he hears that the rabbit's liver has very excellent effect on his illness.