The Madanggeuk of ‘Wukumchi’ is ...


  The thing which Wukumchi aims at is easy and exciting art people of all ages and both
sexes can understand easily. It’s useless if the actor’s words are too hard to get
no matter how good the piece is. It’s the best piece that everybody can get
the main idea without difficulty. This is Wukumchi Madangkuk.


  Even if the topics of stories seem to be difficult and serious such as
division, seniors, environment, actors make audiences laugh expressing
themselves enthusiastically on the stage with fun words, audacious act
and perfect harmony between themselves. During these steps, people
can get the main idea from the piece and feel it with their hearts.
Wukumchi Madangkuk captures the sight of the audiences during the all the performance
long by using fast scene changes, various things to enjoy, and unique properties, which appeals better
to foreign audiences who have the difficulty in understanding the performance.

Satire, humor, and deep impression!

  It has an humor inside of a bitter satire on social irregularities and unfair reality. When the actors are showing their impudent acts without any shyness, they laugh like anything and feel excited by amusement. It shows minjoong’s(low class civilians) lives in the darkest side, but, on the other hands, it also gives laugh, satire, humor and deep emotion trough the performance. The world is not the place for only you and I any more but for altogether. Love for each other is the best merit of Wukumchi performance.