who has produced a number of Korean traditional plays with an unceasing enthusiasm.
In all his plays, he has dynamically described the powerful liveliness in the life of common people who has lived a hard life.
His plays have a beauty which comes from our traditional emotion and a liveliness which overflows in our real life. He have dealt with the social problems in a rapidly changing society with warm heart and originality.
The Madanggug Company
Wukumchi Producer
Ryu ki hyung
Directing more than 30 works such as outdoor theatricals <Homipuri(Hoe Play)>, <Ajumma Manse(Hurray, madam)>, <Jjokbithwanghon(Indigo Twilight)>, <Kkulkkulseonsaeng Baekilmong (Haha Mr. Daydream)> Playwriting/directing around ten works such as Korean classical opera <Rabbit and Turtle’s Dragon Empire Trip>, <Heungbu Nolbu>, <A Filial Daughter, Simcheong>
Art Director of National Theater's Special Project “Seven-Colored Outdoor Theatricals Festival”
2008 ~ 2009
Lectured at the Korean National University of Arts/School of Korean Traditional Arts
Wrote Scripts of/Directed , the Opening Performance of Jeonju Sori Festival.
Directed <Chunhyangassi(Your Lady, Chunhyang)>, a Korean classical opera of Jeollabuk-do Provincial Institute for Korean Traditional Performing Arts
Directed <Gyeonwooyounggam Jiknyeohalmi(Old Man Gyeonwoo & Old Woman Jiknyeo>, a Permanent Performance of Yeosu World EXPO